Your visit to the office of FWOS will be aimed at making your experience as effortless and smooth as possible. We strive to create an atmosphere that helps ease our patient’s concerns and anxieties. Your initial visit will most likely be a consultation visit. This is a process in which the treating doctor and our patient will get to know each other better and their unique situation that brings them to FWOS. Once an agreed upon treatment is planned, FWOS will schedule you at the earliest possible convenience.


Before you undergo any procedure at our office, you’ll have a comprehensive consultation/evaluation appointment with one of our surgeons. This provides valuable one-on-one time for the doctor to evaluate your x-rays, examine your oral health, evaluate your referring dentist treatment plan, and consider all possible solutions to your condition.

It also provides time for the two of you to discuss concerns, questions, and pre- and post- surgery instructions. These typically include sedation preferences, what to expect throughout your procedure, short and long-term results of the surgery, and any other topics pertinent to your situation.

We want to be sure you have adequate information about any of the procedures you’ll be undergoing with us. That’s why we’ve provided the following short ‘education’ essays defining the surgeries we do, and explaining the basic steps involved. Be sure to write down any questions you have to be addressed during your evaluation appointment.

Before your first visit in our office (or if it’s been over a year), please take a moment to complete our online patient forms. This will expedite your wait time as we prepare for your discussion with the doctor.

For any questions or concerns, contact our office at (817) 731-2789.